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Industrial equipment production necessitates a deep awareness of fundamental principles and a comprehensive knowledge of operations.

Iron Bearing

An iron-bearing formation is a silicaceous rock formation that contains iron-bearing minerals in various amounts (mainly oxides, but also carbonates and silicates).

Ball Bearing

A ball bearing is a specific kind of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to keep the bearing races apart.

High Temperature Bearing

High temperature bearings have a lower load carrying capacity than same-sized bearings made of high chromium steel.

Miniature Bearing

Small bearings using balls as its rolling element are known as miniature ball bearings.

Precision Bearing

This type of bearing with high precision is suitable for products requiring low-torque, low vibration and high-speed rotation.

Spherical Bearing

To accommodate shafts or rods with variable degrees of misalignment, spherical plain bearings are utilized.

Needle Bearing

Depending on the direction in which the load is supported, needle roller bearings fall into the radial or thrust categories of bearings.

Taper Bearing

Tapered roller bearings are rolling element bearings that can support axial forces as well as radial forces.